Beef Jerky Manufacutring Operation Points

Jerky is a dried and cooked meat product made of fresh lean meat such as pigs, cattle, and sheep by pre-cooking, cutting (small) pieces, adding ingredients, re-cooking, and baking. Because its shape is mostly 1 cm square, it is called jerky. Jerky is produced worldwide due to its simple processing, delicious taste, convenient eating, and easy portability. It is divided into beef jerky, pork jerky, horse meat jerky, rabbit jerky, fish jerky, etc. According to raw materials; according to shape, it is divided [...]

teabag processing machines from tea leaves to packaged tea bags

Teabag is very common in our lives, it is also a way of drinking tea, and it is easy to carry, and there are many different types to choose from. So, what exactly is a teabag? The teabag is based on the original tea, after blending, crushing, and packaging with filter paper. Teabags can be roughly divided into three categories: ordinary type, famous tea type, and nutrition and health care type. The processing of teabag is a relatively mature process, and [...]

How to process sachet packaged spices powder?

In China, there is a famous seasnoning brand named: Wangshouyi. It is mixed 13 kinds of spices powder, such as: nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, star anise, cumin, dried ginger etc, It almost appears in every family and every dinner. Why this mixed spices powder so popular? how to process the spices powder like it?spice pre-cleaning: spice dudt washing and impurities removingThe bubble washing machine can clean most kinds of spices to wash the dust and impurities. After washing, the air cooling [...]

Spice Processing Primary and Traditional Technology

After the spice is collected, it needs to be subdivided according to the usual methods. The process determines the shape and role of the spice in the dish. It is also very important. Let’s take a look at the three common forms of spice .Use the whole spiceSome kinds of spices does not undergo any processing, such as bay leaves, sesame seeds, etc. When in use, it is generally cooked together with food in water, so that all the [...]