Automatic Packaging Machine for Salad Bean Sprout Packing

Automatic Packaging Machine for Salad Bean Sprout Packing

Model: RT-520

Packing range: 10-3000g

Packing speed: 5-65bags per minute

Packing film: 260-520mm

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Automatic Packaging Machine for Salad Bean Sprout Packing

Introducture of Automatic Packaging Machine

1. Bagging machine  2. Ten-head computer combination scale  3. Z-type conveyor

4. Vibrating feeder  5. Support platform 6. Finished product conveyor

Automatically complete all the processes of feeding, measuring, filling the bag, printing the date, and outputting the finished product; high measuring accuracy, high efficiency, and no broken materials.

Suitable for the packaging of bulky material which requiring high measurement accuracy, such as: puffed food, candy, sugar, nuts, seeds, dumpling, pet food, biscuits, dried fruits, popcorn, toys, small hardware, vegetables and other granular, strip, and sheet material.

Features of Combined scale automatic packaging machine

1.  Wide range of packaging: suitable for particles and various shapes products.

2.  PLC control, easy operation.

3. Easy adjustment: changing products can be completed within ten minutes.

4. Suitable for different types of packaging bags.

5. Over 99.5% rate of final product, no waste of bags and material.

6. High automation: no worker needed in the whole process of weighing and packaging, if there is a failure, it will automatic alarm. Reduce labor cost.

For option:

1. Rotary packaging machine

2. Computer combination scale

3. Material elevator

4. Working platform

5. Vibrating feeder

6. Exhaust/inflation

7. Presser

8. Horizontal bag feeding system

9. Metal detector

10. Finished product conveyor

11. Material tray

Paramter of Combined scale automatic packaging machine


Bag length


Bag width


Max width of roll film


Packing speed


Measuring range


Air consumption


Gas consumption

Power voltage



2000(L) X2000(W) X3500(H)mm