Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Model: NJP400C

Power: 3kw 

Speed: 400pcs/min

Suitable for #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 capsule

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Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Introduction of Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine

The Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is used for hard capsule powder/granule filling in size #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 capsule,( or called #00 capsule filling machine etc ), #00 means the size of capsule.

It is widely used in Pharmaceutical, medicine, and chemicals (powder, Pellet, granule, pill), also can be used to fill vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug,etc.

Features of Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine

1. It is small in size, light in weight, low in energy consumption, easy to operate and clean. (Insides is equipped with LED lighting system).

2. The automatic control of capsule opening and closing is safe and convenient. 

3.  Jog control system, which is convenient for cleaning, loading and unloading upper and lower molds, convenient and fast.

4. Innovative turntable mechanism: good stability, no matter how fast the filling speed is, how long the running time is, no dust enters the turntable.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the mold (15 minutes) reduces labor cost, and improves the efficiency by three times on the original basis . Install the mold, the upper and lower mold holes have good concentricity, no deviation, and achieve the effect of no insertion of the capsule.

5. It is convenient and quick to adjust the gap between the measuring disc and the copper gasket, reducing the powder leakage while improving the accuracy of the loading.

Equipped with automatic recycle of powdered medicine. The leaked raw material is automatically recycled, reducing waste.

6. It has air pressure cleaning mold system. When the upper and lower molds run to the eighth station, the holes are automatically cleaned to achieve no dust in the holes, which improves the effect of sowing. 

7. Automatic alarm and stop when the hopper is short of capsules and powder.

8. The man-machine interface has complete functions, and the counting is automatically displayed. If need, can fit out printer (printing date, batch number, quantity, etc.).

9. Using hole disc filling, rotating the dose adjustment hand wheel, controlling the depth of the filling rod into the dose disc for fine adjustment. (The hopper has pneumatic vibration auxiliary device)

10. There is the automatic timing & oil filling system. 

Paramter of Fully Automatic #00 Hard Capsule Filling Machine






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