Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence

Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence

Capacity: 60-500kg/batch optional 

Power: 7.5-45kw 

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High efficiency Fluidized Bed Dryer Granulator boiling dryer granulator

Introduction of Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence
The  Fluidized Bed Dryer Granulator is a new type of drying equipment. It can be used in conjunction with a swing granulator or a wet mixing granulator. It has a wider fluidization range than the traditional horizontal XF-type fluidized bed. It is widely used in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, food, feed, etc., for the drying of wet granular and powdery materials.

The  Fluidized Bed Dryer  Granulator is composed of an air filter, a heater, a main engine, a material truck, a cleaning room, a connecting duct, a fan, a silencer, etc. The heater is surrounded by aluminum fins from a stainless steel tube, which transfers heat quickly and has a long service life. The spherical stirring mechanism adopted has balanced transmission and no material accumulation. The dust removal adopts the cylinder shaking bag method at regular intervals. The silencer reduces the fan noise.

Working principle of Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence

The powder factor of the material is in an annular fluidized state in the raw material container (fluidized bed). It is preheated and mixed by the purified heated air, and the adhesive solution is atomized and sprayed, so that several particles are gathered to contain the adhesive Due to the continuous drying of the material by the hot air, the moisture in the pellets will evaporate and the binder will solidify. This process is repeated continuously to form ideal and uniform microporous spherical particles.
Application of Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence

1.Granulation in the pharmaceutical industry: tablet granules, granular granules, capsule granules.

2.Granulation in the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular juice, condiments, etc.

3.Pelletizing in other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizers, pigments, dye chemicals, etc.

4.Drying powder or granular wet materials.

5.Coating: granule, pill protective layer, color preparation, slow release, film, enteric coating, etc.
Features of Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence
1.Through powder granulation, improve fluidity and reduce dust flying;

2.Improve its dissolution performance through powder granulation;

3.Complete one-step granulation by mixing, granulating and drying in one machine;

4.Using antistatic filter cloth, the equipment is safe to operate;

5.Set a pressure relief hole, once an explosion occurs, the equipment personnel will not be injured;

6.The equipment has no dead corners, the loading and unloading is light and fast, and the washing is clean, meeting the GMP standard.

7.Adopt temperature sensor control, temperature display of air inlet and outlet

Paramater of Fluid bed drying machine for WDG chicken essence

Rotating speed (r/m)8-118-118-118-118-11
Mixing power(kw)0.551.
Fan Power (kw)7.51118.52230
Steam consumption (kg/h)141170240282366
Drying time (min)15-3015-3015-3015-3015-30
Machine height (mm)27002900290029003300