Home Use Food Dehydrator

Home Use Food Dehydrator

For lemon,apple/plantain chips, pineapple,meat,jerky etc drying 
Temperature: 30-150 celsius degree
Capacity: 60-480kg/batch
Electric or steam heating

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Home Use Food Dehydrator

Introduction of Home Use Food Dehydrator

The hot air circulating oven uses steam or electricity as heating source,  the hot air enters and circulating in the oven, which enhance the heat transfer, and shorten the drying time. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries.

Features of Home Use Food Dehydrator

1.The heating source could be: steam, electric, heat conductive oil, hot water etc.

2. Temperature: 50-150°C. If there is special require, pls mention when order.

3. Manual operation or computer control for option.

4. The oven adopts a fully enclosed structure, hot air circulating inside, energy saving and high efficiency.

5. Equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate, which can adjust the opening degree up and down to make the temperature up and down evenly.

6. Insulation layer is 80mm thickness, and the material is white ultra-fine glass wool, which meets the GMP standard and has small heat loss.

7. Automatic constant temperature control, working time can be set freely,  stable batch production.

8. The trays and oven both can be customized according to different requirement.

9. Standard tray size: 450*640*45mm

Operation of Home Use Food Dehydrator

1. Place the oven at suitable place.

2. Connect the power supply and ground wire.

3. Set the temperature and drying time.

4. Put the materials into the trays evenly and close the door.

5. Turn on the switches such as heating and fan.

6. Turn the handle to the closed position

7. When the drying time is reached, the insulation will be turned off and the drying will end. Turn the handle to the exhaust position, and when the temperature drops to normal temperature, turn off the fan.

8. Open the door and take out the materials.

9. Clean the oven

Application of Home Use Food Dehydrator

1. Food industry: fruit, vegetables, flower tea, spices, meat, seafood, grain, cereals, nuts, starch, animal feed etc

2. Pharmaceutical: herbs, powder material etc

3. Chemical: paint, resin, fertilizer etc.

4. Other industry: wood etc.

Paramter of Home Use Food Dehydrator

ModelHeating SourcePowerCapacityTraysTrolleyDimension