Liquid Filling Machine Liquid Water Bottle Filling Machine

Power: 400w 

Filling speed: 0-60 bottles per min

Filling volume: 1ml-10L 

Accuracy: ±1%


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Liquid Filling Machine Liquid Water Bottle Filling Machine

Introduction of liquid filling machine

The liquid filling machine is a semi-automatic filling machine, suitable for the filling of various kinds of liquids into bottles, bags and barrels etc. 

Widely used for liquids, such as: water, wine, fruit juice, mineral water, milk, coffee, edible oil, syrup and honey, soya sauce,  ideal equipment for small scale business or factories. 

Features of liquid filling machine

1.  It includes liquid tank, electric control part, filling nozzle, etc.

2. The liquid level is controlled by the computer.  

3. Foot switch to start filling, preset and computer control filling time. 

4. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted freely, filling accuracy is high. 

5. Digital display filling volume. 

6. Single filling head, 2/4/6/8/10/12 filling head optional. 

7. No limits to the bottle height, bottle shape, no need to change any parts. 

8. Can also filling into bags with adding bag clamp. 

9. Compact design, easy operation and easy to move.

10. Made of stainless steel. 

11. Straight filling anti-drip filling valve, less waste. 

12. Can work with capping machine for automatic production. 

13. Easy to adjust the height of the worktable for different size bottles. 

14. Filling volume optionl 1ml-10L.

Parameter of liquid filling machine

Filling rangePowerAccuracySpeedweightDimensions