Automatic Chocolate / Cookie Food pillow packing machine

For various snack food pillow type packing 
Bag length can be adjusted freely
Max Fim width: 350mm
Packing speed: 40-230bags per minute

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Automatic chocolate / cookie Food pillow packing machine

Introduction of Automatic chocolate / cookie Food pillow packing machine

This pillow packing machine is suitable for packing fruit and vegetables, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, candy, bread, biscuits, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or trays, etc.

Features of Automatic chocolate / cookie Food pillow packing machine

1.Dual frequency converter control system,  the bag length can be set and cut even when working, one step, saving time and film.

2. Parameter setting is convenient and fast.

3. Sealing and cutting position is accurate.

4. Temperature independent PID control, suitable for various kinds of film.

5.Stop the machine at the select point,  no stick to the knife, no waste of film.

6. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

7. All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, and keeps advanced.

Application of Automatic chocolate / cookie Food pillow packing machine

1. Food: bread, cake, biscuit, noodle, candy, chocolate, fruit and vegetables etc.

2. Articles for daily use:  tissues,  towel, gloves, tapes, cups, soap, fork, knife, spoons, toothbrush etc

3. Pharmaceutical products: face mask, tablet/capsule blister sheet, gel, syringe etc.

4. Hardware: screw etc

5. Children toys

Optional device:

1.  Air filler

2. Continuous link bags

3. Flat cutter, tooth cutter

4. SUS304 or SUS201

5. Date coder(batc number, date etc)

6. Hanging hole punch device (round hole, pin hole etc)

7. Sprayer

Parameter of Automatic chocolate / cookie Food pillow packing machine

Film widthMax.250mmMax.280mmMax.350mm
Bag length65-190mm65-190mm65-190mm
Bag width30-110mm30-150mm50-160mm
Product HeightMax.40mmMax.40mmMax.45mm
Film roll diameterMax.320mmMax.320mmMax.320mm
Packing Speed40-230bags/min40-230bags/min40-230bags/min