Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Powder Grinder

Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Powder Grinder

Suitable for grinding spice, herbs, cereals etc. into fine powder. 

Merial: stainless steel

Capacity: 200-1000g

Fineness: 50-300mesh

Continuously working should be not over 10 minutes.

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Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Grinder for Wholesale

Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Grinder Introduction
The Small swinging grinder, grinding chamber is made of stainless steel, which can complete coarse crushing and fine powder grinding in 3 seconds to 2 minutes. It can work with different raw material, such as dry food, spice, herbs etc., which all can reach good grinding effect without waste or mixing taste. It is an ideal equipment for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, families, research institutes, laboratories, coffee shops etc. 

Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Grinder Application: 

1. Food: such as cereal, rices, dried fruits and vegetables etc. 

2. Herbs: such as pseudoginseng, maca etc.

3. Spices: such as chili, pepper, cardamon etc. 

Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Grinder Features:
1. Stainless steel withholding type

2. Anti block 

3. Quaickly open the cover

4. Well sealed to prevent powder leakage

5. Compact structure, small in size, light in weight. 

6. Dust-free, clean and hygienic. 

7. Easy to operate, safe and high efficiency. 

Small Swinging Grinder Lab Herb Grinder Working Notice: 

1. Do not overfeeding. 

2. The raw material should be dried, and no oil content. 

3. The grinder can not work continuously for a long time.  For large bulk material, should pause in the middle to prevent overheating or damage to the motor. 

4. When working, place the grinder on stable table, and no other unrelated items around. 

5. If the motor not rotating, cut off the power supply first, then checking the plug in good contact or not. 

6. Must be rememberd, when working, not open the cover or put hands into the chamber. 

7. Notably, not clean the chamber with water directly. 

Technical data

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