Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher

Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher

Coarse crushing equipment before fine powder grinding 

Final size: 1-20mm adjustable by changing sieve

Capacity: 50-1000kg/h 

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Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher

Introduction of Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher
This stainless steel crusher is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, construction and other industries. It can processes hard materials, including plastics, roots, etc., mainly used before fine powder grinding. The crusher is widely application on any material, no limit to viscosity, hardness, softness of raw material . Final size can be adjusted from 1-20mm by changing sieve.

Features of Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher
1.The crusher is made of stainless steel, and the appearance is luxurious and elegant, meets GMP requirements.
2.The feeding hopper, crushing chamber and screen are separate designs, the install and disassemble is easy.

3. The inlet adopts vertical curtain design, made of 5mm high quality silicone strip to avoid material splashing
4.The blades adopts high quality tool steel, especially durable, can be sharpened when blunt, repeated use, long service life.
5.The outlet of the crusher adopts unique eversion skirt treatment, can be attached to bags, which can minimize the dust flying during the crushing process.
6.The crusher is equipped with rubber wheels for easy movement and wheels have brakes.

7.Reasonable structure, convenient operation, power saving and durable, practical and economic

Operation of Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher
1. Choose a reasonable site to ensure good ventilation, which is conducive to heat dissipation of the motor and prolongs the service life.
2. Check whether there is any metal-like hard debris, and whether the fastening screws are loose.
3. Adjust the gap between the moving knife and the stationary knife, and select the appropriate screen.
4. Turn on the power, start the machine, check whether the rotation direction of the shaft knife is consistent with the requirements.

Notice of Stainless Steel Crusher Food Spice Herb Crusher:

1. The material must not contain metal-like overhard debris. Once entered, it will cause serious damage to the blades.
2. The motor steering must be consistent with the requirements.
3. If there is abnormal noise during the production process, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the production can be continued after the fault is eliminated.
4. Regularly check the screws and check whether there is any loose in the cutter, and strengthen them in time. If the cutter is seriously worn, it should be ground or replaced in time. So as not to affect the overall crushing effect.
5. When the discharge is too slow or too thin, it may be that the screen is blocked and should be cleaned in time.
6. The machine can not crush flammable and explosive products.

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