Trough Mixer Dry and Wet Powder Mixer for Pharmaceutical

For dry/wet powder or paste mixing

SUS304 material

50-1000L volume

can title 180 degree, completely discharge 


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Trough Mixer Dry and Wet Powder Mixer for Pharmaceutical

Introduction of Trough Mixer
This trough mixer is a horizontal through type with single or double stirring arm,  can thoroughly mixing dry/wet powders or pastes.

It is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and the stirring arm is removable so that it is easy to clean. The mixing trough can automatically reverse for discharge the mixing raw materials.

Features of Trough Mixer

1. Made of SUS304.

2. The gap between the stirring blade and the tank is small, and there is no dead angle for mixing.

3. There are sealing devices on both sides of the mixing shaft to prevent material leakage.

4. High mixing efficiency, can guarantee the integrity of the material, and will not pollute the outside world。

5. Easy to operate, tilt the tank 180 degrees when discharging, complete discharging, easy to clean.

6. For powder or wet materials to mixing materials of different proportions evenly.

7. Compact structure, convenient operation, small space needed and easy cleaning


1. Dry powder mixing in  food, medicine, pharmaceutical industry

2. dry or wet powder or liquid/paste mixing in chemical industry

3.  seasonings, spices

4. previous steps in the production of tablets or capsules in pharmaceutical factories

5. Sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, cream, powdered fruit juice, amino acids, seasonings, puffed food


1. Check the tightness of all the couplings, lubricating oil amount of the reducer

2. Free running test. Jog the feeding and reset buttons separately to check whether the working condition is good.

(the feeding button and reset button cannot be used at the same time).

3. After feeding, it must be covered to avoid the material from going out of the tank. 

4.  If the mixing reaches the effect, click the discharge button to pour out the material. When the tank close to the base, stop it to avoid damage. 

5. After discharging, press the reset button. 

 Technical data 




Mxing Speed(RPM)Discharging angleDimension(MM)Weight