what is blister machine change parts name list?

The small blister packaging machine is based on PVC and PTP as the main packaging materials. It is applicable to various specifications of capsule tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, injections and special-shaped granular drugs, medical devices, light food, electronic components, etc.  Can one set blister machine just packing one size? Of course not.  So how can one set blister pack different products? What’s the blister machine change parts name?

First, let see the structure of the blister machine. 

blister machine structure

  1. Machine frame, mainly composed of the base and the wallboard, which is the main body of the machine to support all other parts.
  2. Aluminum plastic roller: including aluminum foil roller and plastic sheet roller
  3. Blister heater: Blister heater is mainly composed of arc heat box, 8 far-infrared tubes, support shaft and positioner.
  4. Bubble suction roller mold: the key part of the machine, which is matched with the blister heater and the hot sealing roller, to successively completed the processes of blister forming, hot pressing and sealing. This part is mainly composed of rolling die, rolling die shaft, moon-shaped valve plate, vacuum and cooling system.
  5. Feeder: It is mainly composed of material, material trough, disc brush, roller brush and DC motor. The material is used for storing drugs.
  6. Heat-sealing anilox roller: the heat-sealing anilox roller cooperates with the blister roller mold to complete the hot-pressing sealing of the film and aluminum foil.
  7. Batch number device: the batch number is set in the die. There is a long square hole above the die cavity. The rectangular hole is filled with a steel clamp. The steel characters are connected by the steel clamp.
  8. Stepping mechanism: this mechanism is the intermittent feeding mechanism of blanking process, which is composed of intermittent motion mechanism and stepping roller.
  9. Transmission mechanism: the mechanism includes main motor, tower wheel transmission, cycloid pin gear reducer and transmission gear, etc.
  10. Cutter: This is used to cut the plastic foam belt into block-shaped packaging products.

What is the blister machine change parts? (No. 3, 4, 16)

The Aluminum plastic roller and cutter are the blister machine change parts. The The roll is customized according to the size and shape of tablets and capsules, while the cutter determines the size of the finished product. 

Batch number device: Normally includes English letter, from A to Z, number 0-9, Slash, blank space etc.

How to customize the blister machine change parts for your products?

Buyer provide detailed tablet/capsule shape and size ( diam. Length), plate sheet(width,  length), series number sample, our engineer will provide drawings for confirm before manufacturing.

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